From Cameroon

GHG cherylm

Dear Fellow Workers in the Harvest,

I am happy to be able to share with you some of my experiences leading a group of women to form a “Circle of Hope” in my hometown, Yaounde, Cameroon.

When I wrote to Get HOPE Global I had no idea that my simple request for information would so radically (and wonderfully) change my life! I had read a notice about helping needy women through basic business and Bible teaching and through loans. Since I knew of women who could benefit from this, I pursued the possibility.

I read with interest the introductory material. I liked the approach; it seemed doable. So I asked God to lead me to the women He had prepared to take part… From there on His leading and enabling was evident to me.

The curriculum provided by HOPE led us step by step to learn and apply basic business principles. The weekly lessons were well thought out with plenty of creative ideas and the option to pick and choose what would work best for the group. My favorite part to teach was the portion of each lesson which presented a character quality necessary for growth as a godly woman. The Word spoke just as clearly to me as to those I was teaching, refreshing my spirit and continually redirecting my thoughts to focus on the God.

All along the way, we as a group felt the support and encouragement of the HOPE team. I had regular contact by e-mail and Skype with Susan, the HOPE Advocate assigned to our group. Her love and concern for me and for each of the women helped keep us going.

The women in our group are all women of faith and were strengthened through the teaching and fellowship. I believe that the material is presented in a way which would also speak to women who don’t yet know God, stirring up in their hearts a desire to know Him.

Over the weeks the women’s business skills grew stronger. But the greater benefit is what God has accomplished in their hearts. In their own words: “Now I seek advice from others,” “I have put aside my old way of doing things,” “I take better care of myself,” “I take time to encourage others,” “I have become more generous,” “I no longer worry over everything,” “My neighbor has been watching me and now says she wants to be like me.” These statements testify to changed lives.

I highly recommend Get HOPE Global to other women who have a burden to see God work in the lives of women in need. I regularly am asked to give financial help to those in need, but giving money is not a lasting solution. Giving hope is.

Cheryl, Cameroon