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Support Each Other

We as Christians have the privilege and responsibility to bear one another’s burdens. One of the ways we can do this is by lifting each other up to the Lord in prayer. That’s what this prayer wall is all about.

Please feel free to leave your prayer requests here knowing that others will read them and join with you in prayer. You can also pray for others who have posted on this wall, and it will be an encouragement to them. 

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Month of Prayer

We are taking the month of October to pray with increased intentionality for HOPE’s activities around the world.  Join us by downloading the PDF calendar of requests right here!

Health for Leaders

We have leaders in the Ivory Coast and Tanzania who have been ill recently.  Pray for their recovery, and for protection and health for group participants amid the ongoing health struggles of the pandemic.

Concern for Haiti

On July 7, the current Haitian President was assassinated.  The interim Prime Minister is calling for an international investigation and is working toward trying to hold long-overdue elections.  We pray for the citizens of Haiti who have long struggled under political instability.  We pray for our partners there who are struggling to help businesses operate in this unstable situation.

A Wedding!

One of our HOPE leaders is getting married this summer.  Pray for the launching of this new family, that it would bring light and joy to the community that surrounds it.

Pray for Tanzania

The president of Tanzania died suddenly in the spring of 2021.  Pray for the country as it adjusts to a new leader, and for the impact of this transition on our groups in Moshi and Mwanza.

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