Greetings from Uganda

An update from our director’s recent visit to Africa:

Please forgive the poor quality of the attached photos, but I wanted to go ahead and improvise a way to give you a glimpse of my last few days with Get HOPE Uganda!


Our Basics of Business program is being implemented in Love Works International Church here in Kampala.  W_____, their Program Leader, grew up in poverty, has a professional background in Customs and Taxation and a BA degree in Public Relations and, boy, does she have a heart for impoverished women here.  After forming the HOPE group, the church paid to have professionals from a local bank come to speak to the women about finanaces and the importance of savings. They then began the HOPE curriculum knowing that the financial education they received from the bank would be retaught and reinforced in the HOPE curriculum.  They have elected officers for their group and have written a group constitution, a copy of which they provided me; they are serious about this!

They really made T____ and me feel like very special guests at their church service on Sunday and devoted a portion of the service to these women. I’ll tell you more about it later, but let me just say – they sang an awesome song that I think may just have to become our anthem!  After church service, W______ and Pastor A_____ walked us out the doors of their church building and into the surrounding slums to visit the small businesses of three of the women and to hear their stories and take some pictures.

Even though they have just begun working with the curriculum, they are thrilled to have the HOPE program in their church, and have also begun the Girls Empowerment program at the orphanage and school that Pastors C____ and A_____ oversee!  What a thrill it was for me to get to visit this school, also, and speak to these high school girls and the two teachers who are teaching our program as part of their regular school curriculum.

Clearly, the HOPE programs continue to be a valuable tool in places like this all around the globe. So, thank you, again, for all the work you are doing to help spread the word and to reach more and more women and girls who need hope for a better future.