April Stensgard
Development Director

April Stensgard grew up in a family of entrepreneurs fueling her passion for business at an early age.  In 2004, she started a business consulting firm focusing on individuals who want to create, launch and grow their business.  Her professional experience expanded to include business, organizational, and nonprofit development.

In 2006, April’s passion for business collided with her love for missions during a trip to Kenya. She noticed widows on the side of the road selling the few potatoes they had.  It broke her heart to see so many destitute women, but sparked her entrepreneurial spirit with all kinds of possibilities.  April spent time getting to know the women, hearing their dreams, and realized their creative capacity for business.  For the past nine years, she has been involved with widows and more recently at-risk girls creating opportunities for business training, savings programs and microfinance.  When April discovered the ministry of Get HOPE Global she knew it was exactly what the women and girls needed.  She is thrilled to serve with the HOPE team!

She and her husband, Randy, both have a passion to share God’s love, a heart for missions, a “bug” for international travel, and a spirit of adventure.  They are blessed with two daughters and many Kenyan brothers and sisters!