Beth Ratzlaff

The core of Beth’s identity is best stated by a song many children learn in childhood. “Jesus loves me this I know”. She currently writes and speaks to groups interested in spiritual formation about the ways God the potter shapes people, his clay. She also meets with people individually and in small groups to provide soul care and spiritual direction. Her blogs can be found at

Beth serves on the board of directors of Front Range Christian School in Littleton Colorado. Before joining the board she served as a classroom teacher in both the elementary and junior high schools, and founded a program for children with needs for extra challenge. While teaching, Beth led groups of teachers to provide teacher training for teachers in a school in Manipur, India. In India, she recognized the great value of helping women in desperate circumstances gain the means to provide for their own families. She is thrilled to be a part of Get Hope and have the means to help such women.

Beth is married, is the mother of three, mother-in-law of two, step-mother of two, and wife of one wonderful man.