Rescue Pink: A Group in Action

Have you ever wondered what a real Get HOPE Global business training class looks like?  Every group has its own unique faces and flavors, depending on size, culture, and leadership style.  Today we get to travel to India for a closer look at just one group of women in action…


Everyone was all smiles at Rescue Pink’s women’s business classes in India.


Part of the requirement is attendance at every meeting – this attendance log is looking good!


This week’s homework was to prepare to present a small business idea to the class. Each woman came with their ideas, their budget, and their savings and investment amounts after researching what it would take to get started. Vegetable vending, sari making, tailoring, and a grocery stand were just a few ideas presented that day.


During the class the ladies played a game of “human knot.” All the women join in by crossing their hands and grabbing the hands of different people…and then they work together to “untie” the knot hands without letting go of each other’s hands. Untangling the knot requires climbing over and under each other’s arms, a great challenge while wearing saris! With teamwork, communication and problem solving they finish in one big circle together, holding hands. This was an example of how to use teamwork, and to support one another in their dreams and businesses, in order for everyone to be successful together.


One lady presents her small business idea while holding her little girl. Get Hope Global’s curriculum, in partnership with Rescue Pink in India, will be able to give this lady the skills she needs to start her own business and help support her little girl. She has no idea how this moment will expand the possibilities the little girl in her arms. Savings from her profits could even fund her dowry and higher education. Higher education for girls changes the whole trajectory of poverty, and helping eradicate poverty stops infanticide.

(Thanks to SN from Rescue Pink for permission to use her photos and share this story.)