What We Offer

Training Programs

Get HOPE Global offers three business training programs with curricula created specifically for use with vulnerable individuals in the developing world.

In addition, Get HOPE Global provides a Train-the-Trainer video series for some of these training programs.  This video series takes the program leader step by step through the whole process of what they need to know to lead a group.  They are downloadable or can be viewed online and are available upon curriculum purchase.

Get HOPE Global Training…

Provides practical and culturally-appropriate business fundamentals to equip vulnerable women and girls for success. It is easy to use. No prior experience in business or teaching is required to be a Program Leader. The programs are used by missionaries, ministry leaders, NGOs, national teachers, pastors, etc.

Provides online support to help ensure success. Program Leaders are encouraged to contact us for answers to questions that arise.


After purchasing and downloading either Basics of Business or Girls Empowerment Training, a global/national worker has the option of applying to Get HOPE Global for microloans on behalf of the women or girls.  Read the HOPE Loan FAQs for more details.  Loans are not offered with the HOPE Business Program.