What Others are Saying

At Rescue Pink we knew we had to help empower women in India to rescue their baby girls. Early on in our organization we had a vision to provide self-sustainable ways of helping our mamas earn enough money to be able to afford their girls and their future dowries. We knew we wanted to provide a micro-lending program as a source of this empowerment, and as we began working on a plan we learned of Get HOPE Global. It was like a gift placed at our feet: exactly what we needed at exactly the right time. The program is extremely thorough, the curriculum is completely adaptable to different cultures, and the material is very easy for a program leader to learn and to teach. Get HOPE Global has written an A-Z guide with everything needed to help empower the lives of others. We are so thankful for this program and cannot recommend it highly enough.

At Tirzah International, we know that educating women and girls is essential to empowering them, and ultimately transforming families, communities and nations. When we first discovered the Get HOPE Global program, we were impressed with its adaptability across all cultures and continents. It also weaves timeless Biblical truths into the day-to-day challenges of running a small business. For these reasons, Get HOPE’s Basics of Business and Girls Empowerment Training are key components of our worldwide strategy to invest in women’s futures.

There is nothing more important than offering opportunity and dignity for women and girls who are at risk. Time and time again, we have seen that vulnerable women and girls who have little opportunity are at much greater risk of becoming human trafficking victims. Get HOPE provides such opportunity, not only through micro-finance, but a concrete business curriculum. These essential tools could mean the difference between freedom and slavery for thousands of women and girls worldwide.

Micro enterprise has captured the attention of many westerners as an easy, affordable way to have an exponential impact on the lives of families in the developing world.  What sets Get HOPE Global apart from other organizations is their outstanding curriculum taught by women in the local community that blends practical teaching on business skills with biblical principles.  HOPE offers economic support and the true riches that can be found through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

God designed women to desire community.  HOPE provides a community for aspiring business women to support one another as they provide for their families.  It has long-term results relationally, professionally, and spiritually!

As a result of [Julie’s] presentation, Standing Against Trafficking was strongly motivated to provide microloans for the women presented to us…  I am grateful for Julie’s excellent presentation and trust that we as a group can continue to be involved in providing microloans for the physical and spiritual needs of the women with which Get HOPE Global is working.

There’s been a realization in the microfinance community that loan recipients are more likely to succeed if they also receive business education.