Get HOPE Global History

Get HOPE Global began as HOPE of the Harvest in 2008 as the microenterprise ministry arm of Women of the Harvest. In order to offer training programs to a wider audience, Get HOPE Global (HOPE) launched as a separate non-profit entity in 2012 and expanded our service offerings in the process.  HOPE began as an (amazing!) all-volunteer team, and is currently run by a mixture of part-time staff and committed volunteers.  Everyone involved has been clearly “called” to serve as a champion of impoverished women and girls in need of HOPE.

Get HOPE Global Programs

Get HOPE Global offers three business training programs with curricula created specifically for use with vulnerable individuals in the developing world.  Our programs can be purchased and downloaded from the Store.

Get HOPE Global offers one-time HOPE Loans:

  • After purchasing and downloading a HOPE business training program, a global/national worker has the option of applying to Get HOPE Global for a one-time HOPE Loan on behalf of her women or girls. Loans are available to participants in Growing Your Business or Starting and Growing Your Business groups.