Loan Candidate Requirements

HOPE Loan Candidate Checklist:

  • Candidate has actively participated in the Pre-Qualification Sessions (Four sessions for Growing, Eight sessions for Starting)
  • Candidate has completed her homework assignments.
  • Candidate was faithful and punctual in meeting attendance.
  • Candidate earned the respect of others and encouraged those around her.
  • Growing Only: Candidate deposited her Start-Up Savings.
  • Candidate understands and agrees to repay her loan amount plus the 10% loan fee.
  • Candidate understands that she, along with the others in her Group, assumes responsibility for the repayment of ALL the loans within the group, should this be necessary.
  • Candidate has minimal personal debt.
If candidates in your group meet the above requirements, please log in and go to the My Materials menu to find and complete an application for each loan candidate. If you have any questions regarding the requirements, please let us know through the Contact Us page on this website.
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