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HOPE Training Process

HOPE Resources

Business Training
  • 3 curriculum choices for different learners
  • Purchase and download from GHG website
Microloan Funds
  • Available from GHG or other sources
  • Tool for students to apply lessons from training
Train the Trainer
  • Basic curriculum intro and teacher training
  • Download, watch online, or attend a conference
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Connectors (Linking GHG to Program Leaders)

Partner Organization
  • Purchases curriculum
  • Recommends Program Leader(s) to HOPE
Regional Director
  • Local staff paid by GHG
  • Recommends and supervises Program Leaders
  • Manages HOPE loans
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Program Leader

Leader Training
HOPE Program Leader
  • Key to program success!
  • Teaches curriculum
  • Leads training group
  • Submits loan applications
  • Oversees loan repayments and savings
  • Reports monthly to GHG or Regional Director

Training Group

group outdoors
HOPE Group
  • 7-15 members
  • Receives weekly business & Bible lessons
  • Provides mutual accountability, support and prayer
  • Receives and repays loans
  • Meets informally during loan repayment period

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