Basics of Business Training

  • High-impact 12-month business training program
  • Designed for impoverished women who want to grow their small businesses
  • Created to give tools for a better business and a better life

HOPE is Distinct

There are many good business training programs being offered, but Get HOPE Global offers something unique–a biblically-based character lesson with every comprehensive business lesson taught.  Read more…

Girls Empowerment Training

  • Life-changing 11-month business training program
  • Designed for at-risk teens in orphanages, safe houses, or schools
  • Created to give girls a choice, a voice, and a chance

Why HOPE Business Training Programs?

“…Get HOPE provides such opportunity, not only through micro-finance, but a concrete business curriculum. These essential tools could mean the difference between freedom and slavery for thousands of women and girls worldwide.”

Andrew KlineFormer Department of Justice human trafficking prosecutor, Crime policy advisor to the Vice President of the United States

“At Tirzah International, we know that educating women and girls is essential to empowering them, and ultimately transforming families, communities and nations…”

Emily VoorhiesCEO and Founder of Tirzah International