Program Leader Requirements

I Agree…

  • That I have a strong alignment with the Get HOPE Global mission statement.
  • To cite Get HOPE Global as the originator of the curriculum.

Program Leader Checklist:

  1. I have purchased a training program from Get HOPE Global.
  2. I have a Get HOPE Global user ID and password from the purchase of the training program.
  3. I have carefully chosen reliable women or girls whose references I have checked.
  4. I have successfully led a group through the Pre-Qualification Sessions.  (Starting has 8 Pre-Qualification sessions, Growing has 4.)
  5. I speak English and know the language of my country of service well enough to translate–or have someone to help me translate.  I can teach the business and faith concepts as written in the curriculum.
  6. If I decide to apply for loans, I will provide a written character reference from my church or organization and submit it to Get HOPE Global by email.
  7. I have made arrangements with my church or organization to receive the loan monies on behalf of my group.  (Get HOPE Global does not send HOPE loan monies to individuals due to security risks.  We must have a secure way to send money into your country.)
  8. I have reliable internet access and printing capabilities.
  9. I have a minimum of 7 committed women or girls to participate in the loan process.  They all agree to assume the responsibility for the repayment of all the loans within the group.
  10. I plan to remain in the same area as my loan group throughout the repayment of the loan.

NOTE: We suggest you enlist a co-worker to help in this program. This is optional – but strongly recommended.

The Program Leader is responsible for the distribution, collection, and repayment of the monies loaned to the group.  Successful collection and repayment of loans by the Program Leader is required in order to apply for loans on behalf of another group.  (See Loan FAQs for more details.) If you meet the above requirements, please log in and go to the My Materials menu to find and complete the Program Leader Application. If you have any questions regarding the requirements, please let us know through the Contact Us page on this website.

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