April 16, 2020

HOPE in the Midst of COVID-19

Latest Update – June 25, 2020

We received photos, a report, and video updating us on the HOPE groups in Ghana.  Under the leadership of our Regional Director, HOPE representatives were able to distribute food, sanitation items, and financial assistance to 100 women in need.
Take a minute to watch their video update!

Visit our Emergency Relief Fund page if you would like to be part of sending help directly to places in deep need.

Update – May 11, 2020

#GivingTuesdayNow and a generous matching-fund donation launched a short campaign to raise funds for emergency relief.  HOPE donors responded quickly and enthusiastically, providing nearly double our fundraising goal.

The HOPE Team will discuss feedback from our leaders in the field and decide how best to use the gifts in the weeks and months to come.

From Tanzania:

“Today, as usual I went to church and we prayed for the world. I also met and talked with some women and encouraged them on taking care of the community.”

Visit our Emergency Relief Fund page if you would like to be part of sending help directly to places in deep need.

Update – April 29, 2020

Gifts for emergency relief have been sent to Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Ghana.  Program leaders on the ground are identifying the biggest needs in their groups and directing funds accordingly.  HOPE leaders have provided food staples, organized soap and mask making projects, and conducted COVID-19 education.

A limited amount of microloan money has been sent to two groups in Tanzania.  These loan recipients have businesses that supply essential items needed by their communities in this time of quarantine.  We want to keep businesses alive, provide supplies the community desperately needs, and evaluate the effect of restrictions on our business and loan programs.  There are 9 more groups waiting for loans.

From a program leader in Kenya,

“God bless you as you continue serving. “

Check out more information on our Emergency Relief Fund if you would like to be part of sending help directly to places in deep need.

Original Post – March 2020

Get HOPE Global’s work continues. We rely on God’s direction and wisdom as we navigate new territory during this global pandemic. Our mission to transform the lives of at-risk women through redemptive, faith-based business training and support guides our decisions.

Our hearts are heavy as we recognize the impact of COVID-19 on the world’s poor. Many of our HOPE women have to choose between being safe and working for their daily food. Most have no access to clean hospitals, masks, gloves, sanitizer, or even soap and clean water. Social distancing in the slums and in the marketplace is impossible.

We have provided some emergency relief in the form of cash gifts for the most desperate needs of our HOPE women. Our local leaders are empowered to disperse these love gifts as they deem appropriate. They have expressed their gratitude:

“I appreciate what GHG is doing for these women and me… We feel loved. I believe women will cry when they hear this good news. May God remember you all.”  (Tanzania)
“We are ever grateful to Get Hope for this love gift in the midst of the pandemic… Abide in His protective wings in these abnormal times.” (Ghana)

Many businesses have closed and the marketplace is not conducive to launching new businesses right now.  We are working to stay connected with local leadership and proceed according to their on-the-ground insight.  Based on this collaboration, we have…

  • Sent emergency relief funds and requested details on their use
  • Delayed our microloan programs in Tanzania
  • Adjusted loan repayment schedules in Ghana
  • Postponed the start of new training groups and loans in Cambodia

Prayer is our weapon against doubt, fear, and uncertainty. Please join us as we pray for our local leaders and women. Pray that God would give us wisdom as we seek to be good stewards of the resources that He has given us and pray for hope to remain strong, even in this unusual and challenging season.

“Am so humbled to hear someone is praying for us. It has been a season of panic, fear and anxiety but we bless the Lord for strengthening our faith.” (Kenya)

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