September 11, 2023

Mama Kazi Conference

In August, our Tanzania HOPE Team led their second annual Mama Kazi Conference! “Mama Kazi” means Working Woman (or mother) in Swahili. This conference was created to help bring women together to encourage and equip them in their businesses and life, to celebrate recent graduates from the HOPE business training program, and to foster a supportive network with the other women in attendance.

The conference was organized by Alex (Regional Director) and his wife, Rehema (Program Leader).  They, along with the rest of their team, share a deep passion for helping local women become hopeful, empowered and free.

The women in the Tanzania HOPE Program were given their initial savings back during the conference. They experienced how saving bit by bit can really grow over time. Pauline (Program Leader) encouraged them to let their savings add value to their families and businesses and not to spend it all quickly. We are so excited for these women to continue cultivating the discipline of saving.

Sophia, one of the conference attendees, said, “From the way we grew up, women had no opportunities to meet together but today, this instrument of Get HOPE Global brings 100+ women in one roof!”. We love to see women coming together to spread HOPE and encouragement.

We are so thankful to Alex and Rehema and their team in Tanzania for running the Mama Kazi Conference on Kome Island. We are cheering everyone on as they take their next steps in building connections with one another and continuing to grow their businesses!

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