Training Program FAQs

Do I need a business or teaching background
  • No. Our training programs are designed to enable program leaders to successfully deliver the training without prior business experience.
  • You will see the required elements to teach in each session as well as a wide range of additional activities.
    • In addition, Get HOPE Global provides Train the Trainer videos.  This video series takes a program leader step by step through everything they need to know to lead a group.  The videos can be viewed online and are available upon curriculum purchase.
    • A downloadable copy of the Train the Trainer material is also available.
Do I need to translate it?

Most likely. There are a few translated curriculum documents available, and we look forward to offering more in the future.  Check the “Translations” link when you are logged in to the user-only “My Materials” menu.

Does this work for illiterate women/girls?

The Growing Your Business edition is appropriate for low-level literacy and illiterate women but the Starting and Growing Your Business edition assumes a mid-level literacy, equivalent to an elementary school education.  The School Edition is also written with mid-level literacy in mind.

Do I need Internet and a computer?

Yes. You will also need the ability to make multiple copies of support material.

Is the curriculum culturally adaptable
Yes. These materials were specifically designed to facilitate cultural adaptation.
Do I need a co-leader?
Yes! We strongly encourage each leader to find an assistant. Sharing the burden will lighten your load considerably as you walk through this year-long process. Your co-leader can be a member of the training group.
How long is the program?
  • Growing Your Businessis 12 months long. There are16 formal weekly teaching sessions followed by informal, bi-weekly meetings that are conducted while loan repayments are being made.
  • Starting and Growing Your Business is a 12-month program consisting of 20 formal weekly teaching sessions followed by informal meetings conducted during the repayment process.
  • The HOPE Business Program-School Edition has 16 formal lessons designed to be given in a classroom context over a semester or similar school term.  Loans are not part of the School Edition so there is not a repayment process.
  • It is important that either you or your co-leader be “in-country” throughout the loan repayment process.
Is there a minimum group size?

Yes. If at all possible, there should be a minimum of seven participants to maximize the benefits of group dynamics. The training can work for a larger group as it can be divided into sub-groups for the interactive parts of the sessions.

How do I purchase a business training program and how much does it cost?
  • Go to the Store to purchase and download the training program of your choice.
  • Individual Purchase Price (Unlimited personal use) is $95
  • Organizational Purchase Price (For up to 10 uses within your organization) is $500
  • The HOPE Business Program-School Edition is available for unlimited use at a single school for $250
  • Spiral-bound print copies of the materials are available for an additional fee
  • Contact us for pricing for large organizations with more than 10 program leaders
What other expenses would there be for this training program?
  • Incidental supplies such as markers, paper, multiple copies of support materials, etc.
  • Occasionally you may want to provide refreshments for the group.
  • Some lessons call for props such as small, inexpensive hand mirrors for each participant and occasional small “incentive” gifts to recognize extra efforts.
What kind of help is available to program leaders?
  • First and foremost, the step-by-step instructional guide is comprehensive and will provide you with a great deal of help, possibly all of the help you might need.
  • Purchase of the curriculum also gives you access to our Train the Trainer videos, a series of online videos that provides curriculum overviews and teaching tips.
  • Those who participate in the HOPE Loan program have ongoing contact with Get HOPE Global staff who serve as a support system and point of contact.
  • You can email specific questions to the Get HOPE Global team through the contact link on this website.
Do I need to find my own microfinancing institution?
  • Yes, or you can apply for one-time HOPE loans from Get HOPE Global. Our loan fees are 10%, which you will find to be competitive.
  • HOPE Loans are available for participants in   Growing Your Business or Starting and Growing Your Business.  Loans are not offered to students using the HOPE Business Program – School Edition.
As a leader, am I responsible for any loan defaults?

No. Our Loan Policy clearly states that you are not liable for the loan or any individual business decisions made by your group.

Is the curriculum for co-ops or individual businesses?
Both. We offer HOPE Co-op Guidelines for those who might choose to form a co-op.

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