Find answers to many common HOPE loan questions here.  You should also carefully review the Loan Candidate Requirements.  If your question is not answered below, please use the Contact Us form to request more information.

Can I arrange for loan financing from another source?

  • Yes, or you can apply for loans with Get HOPE Global.

Can I apply for HOPE loans without purchasing your program?

  • No, HOPE loans are only available for use in conjunction with a HOPE Business Program.

Do you charge interest on HOPE loans?

  • No.  We charge a flat fee of 10%.

How long is the repayment process?

  • Growing Your Business:  Participants receive loan monies on Week 9 and their final loan payments are due on Week 52.
  • Starting and Growing Your Business:  Participants receive loan monies on Week 13 and their final loan payments are due on Week 52.
  • The Program Leader repays HOPE in two installments.  The first installment is due halfway through the loan repayment cycle and the second is due upon completion.  These include the loan repayment amounts with the 10% loan fee. It is recommended that you open a bank account in a trusted financial institution, or have an alternative plan for safekeeping.
  • Successful repayment of a first group of loans is critically important for any Program Leader who wishes to apply for loans later on behalf of a second group.

As the Program Leader, am I responsible for any loan defaults?

  • No. Our Loan Policy clearly states that you are not liable for the loan or for any of the business decisions made.

What loan amounts are available?

  • Loan amounts vary according to local economies. HOPE loan amounts begin at $100.00.
  • Each member of the group should apply for the same loan amount. The recommended group size is 7-12.

Is savings required?

  • Yes, building cash reserves is a foundational principle of microloans. In both Growing a Business and Starting and Growing a Business, savings are required.

Are participants responsible for one another’s loans?

  • Yes.  Covering one another’s loan payments is a key principle of all microloan programs.
  • If a participant is unable to make her payment, she is allowed to withdraw funds from her savings to make her payments with the approval of the Program Leader.
  • If her savings are depleted, other group members will cover her loan payments with the understanding that they will be repaid.  (See section on Missed Loan Payment and default in HOPE Loan and Savings Policy.)

What are the basic requirements for a loan candidate?

Loan candidates should meet all the requirements for HOPE Loan Candidates.  Some of the most important points to emphasize are:

  • Full participation in the Pre-Qualification Sessions including regular attendance, punctuality and completion of all homework.
  • A business plan detailing how she will use the loan money.
  • A clear understanding of the 10% loan fee charged.
  • A clear understanding that members of the group assume responsibility for the repayment of ALL the loans within the group, should this be necessary.
  • For Growing Your Business loan candidates, a designated minimal amount of savings is required.