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Growing Your Business

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The HOPE Business Program: Growing Your Business is a character-focused, faith-based training program specifically designed for the impoverished woman who:

  • Has a viable business skill
  • Is highly motivated
  • Is a woman of integrity
  • May have a low level of literacy but a high level of desire for change
  • Deserves the dignity of a chance

Growing Your Business is facilitated by a Program Leader who:

  • Desires to do something practical and powerful to help at-risk women in her community
  • Has a heart to give hope to those who lack it
  • Is passionate about sharing God’s love
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Course Structure

Growing Your Business is a powerful 12-month training program, which includes a 16-week formal curriculum, followed by informal bi-weekly meetings during the 34-week HOPE Loan repayment period. The first four weeks are Pre-Qualification Sessions for applying for HOPE Loans. The program is uniquely designed for the impoverished woman who wants to grow her business, provide for her family, and improve her life. It is created to give each one the dignity of a chance.

To become better acquainted with this program, refer to the program excerpts below, especially “Anna’s Story.” This appealing illustrated narrative gives students an overview of what they will be learning in the Growing Your Business training program. It is also used throughout the program to reinforce specific business concepts as they are presented.

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The Curriculum Specifics

Growing Your Business is a highly interactive learning experience that includes a variety of teaching activities. There are 16 weeks of formal sessions, each 2-3 hours long. Shorter, informal meetings follow during the loan repayment period. The entire program lasts a total of 12 months.

Each session includes:

  • Notes section which will help the leader prepare to teach each class
  • Three Simple Things which are the essential teaching points that must be covered
  • A character-based Bible lesson
  • Optional activities to support each teaching point
  • Required Homework

The Microloan Option

Growing Your Business is designed for global/national workers to train impoverished women who want to expand or improve their businesses. The program leader can apply to a microfinance institution of her choice or apply for a one-time HOPE Loan from Get HOPE Global.  For more specific information, refer to the FAQs.  In order to apply for HOPE Loans on behalf of the women in her group, the program leader is required to:

  • Purchase the curriculum
  • Conduct the 4 Pre-Qualification Sessions
  • Ensure group members meet loan requirements
  • Apply on-line for each individual loan applicant

In Summary

We are pleased that you are considering Growing Your Business and want to assure you that this program works!  As a program leader, you will not be liable for the repayment of loans or the success or failure of any business decisions made. However, you will be part of helping needy women build better businesses and better lives. Most importantly, you will be helping them build a strong faith in Jesus Christ, the Source of all hope and dignity and joy.

To gain a more complete perspective of what the HOPE Business Program: Growing Your Business is about, download the complete version of Anna’s Story.

A downloadable PDF overview is also available to give you a sample of how the curriculum works.

Table of Contents, Program Overview, and Session One

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