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HOPE Business Program – School Edition is a character-focused, faith-based business training program specifically designed for boys and girls who:

  • Are completing their final year of schooling
  • Desire to provide for themselves after graduation
  • Need hope for a better life

HOPE Business Program – School Edition is taught by a teacher who:

  • Is associated with a local secondary school
  • Desires to do something practical and powerful to help older teen boys and girls achieve financial independence and build a better life
  • Is passionate about sharing God’s love
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Course Structure

HOPE Business Program – School Edition is a 16-session course uniquely designed for classroom students in the developing world to help them successfully transition out of school and into the marketplace.

To become better acquainted with this program, refer to the program excerpts below, especially “Mary’s Story.” This illustrated narrative gives students an overview of what they will be learning in the HOPE Business Program.  It is also used to reinforce specific business concepts throughout the course.

HOPE Loans are not offered to the participants in this program.

Group of school children Group of school children

Download Overview


A downloadable PDF overview is also available to give you a sample of how the curriculum works.

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